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GreyNubo comprises a team of committed professionals who have many years of domain experience in CRM, CPQ, Mobile coupled with a strong foundation in the Salesforce platform. Our dedicated team has a razor sharp focus on providing value to customers through services and products


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Microsoft Technologies

Consulting services on Microsoft Technologies like Azure, C#, dotNet etc.


Consulting Services for Mobile Application development using Xamarin. Development of hybrid and native apps for iOS, Android and Windows


Consulting services on Cloud based CRM and Quote-to-Cash platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Apttus, SteelBrick etc.

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Privacy Policy & GDPR

On May 25, 2018, a new, wide-ranging data privacy law, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), takes effect in the European Union (EU). The GDPR expands privacy rights granted to EU individuals, and it places new obligations on companies, such as Greynubo, that market to, process or store EU personal data.

Greynubo is committed to its, as well as our customers’, compliance with the GDPR.

Greynubo Privacy Policy

1. Purpose, Scope, and Introduction

Greynubo is committed to protecting the privacy of every customer, prospect, visitor, and employee in the very best ways possible.  We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy in its entirety before submitting any Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy intends to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the kinds of identifiable personal information (“Personal Information”) we may collect, how we intend to use and share that information, and how you can correct or change such information. Your individual privacy on the Internet, as well as that of your data, is of utmost importance to us. The Privacy Policy applies to Greynubo’ customers, prospects, web-site visitors and interested parties, as well as all full time and part time employees, contractors and other third-parties doing business with or on behalf of Greynubo (“Users”).

Greynubo and its affiliates (“Greynubo”, “we”, “us” and/or “our”) offer cloud consulting services (“Service”). By using our Services, you are consenting to our policies regarding your information, and the ways in which we may collect, use, process, transfer, secure, protect, and otherwise deal with that information, as described in this Privacy Policy now, and as amended by us.

2. Information We Collect and How We Use It

Personal Information is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, which may include IP addresses, information contained in cookies, and navigational data. We collect Personal Information to gather data to provide and improve our Services. Personal Information also includes sixteen supplemental principles: (1) sensitive data, (2) journalistic exceptions, (3) secondary liability, (4) performing due diligence and conducting audits, (5) the role of the data protection authorities, (6) self-certification, (7) verification, (8) access, (9) human resources data, (10) obligatory contracts for onward transfers, (11) dispute resolution and enforcement, (12) choice – timing of opt-out, (13) travel information, (14) pharmaceutical and medical products, (15) public record and publicly available information, and (16) access requests by public authorities.

The types of Personal Information we collect and our privacy practices depend on the nature of the relationship you have with Greynubo and the requirements of applicable law. Greynubo collects Personal Information regarding its current, prospective and former customers, its customer’s clients (“Customer Data”), and visitors (collectively “Individuals”). Greynubo also collects Personal Information regarding current, temporary, permanent, prospective and former employees, directors, contractors, workers or retirees of Greynubo and its subsidiaries worldwide (“Employees”).

We collect, process, and store the following types of Personal Information: (1) information you explicitly provide to us by completing a form on our website; (2) information we automatically collect when you visit our website; (3) information our customers provide about themselves to obtain Services; (4) information Employees provide to us for employment purposes; and (5) information that our customers provide about other individuals that is processed by the Service.

We use this information for our own internal purposes, which are more fully explained below. We may share your information with contractually-assigned Greynubo partners and any other parties required of Greynubo to comply with state and federal laws.  We endeavor to collect or store information only relevant for the purposes of processing.  Below are the legal bases and some of the ways we collect information and how we use it.

2.1. Information We Collect, Process, and Store

The data we collect from Individuals includes information that may be deemed Personal Information, such as contact information, user name, Internet Protocol address, government identification, photo or image, and credit card and other financial information related to payments for services, collected directly from you or from an Greynubo customer.  We may also collect other information that is not Personal Information, such as comments you provide and our related sites (“the Websites”), demographic information you choose to provide (e.g., your business or company information), and answers to a security question and password.

2.2. How We Collect Personal Information

Our corporate values, ethical standards, policies and practices are committed to the protection of customer information. In general, our business practices limit employee access to confidential information and limit the use and disclosure of such information to authorized persons and processes.

Here are some of the ways that we may collect former, prospective, and current customers’ Personal Information:


2.3. Information from Other Sources

We may collect information about you from third-party sources to supplement information provided by you.  This supplemental information allows us to verify information that you have provided to us and to enhance our ability to provide you information about our business, products and Services. 

How Greynubo Uses your Personal Information

Depending on how you interact with us, we and our Third-Party Service Providers may also use Personal Information in a variety of ways, including:

If you are a prospective, former, or current customer:

If you are our customer’s client:

If you are an Employee:

Other uses:

3. Cookies, Pixel Tags/Web Beacons, Analytics Information, and Interest-Based Advertising

3.1. Cookies

“Cookies” are a feature of web browser software that allows web servers to recognize the computer used to access a website. They are small pieces of data that are stored by a user’s web browser on the user’s hard drive. Information gathered through cookies and web server logs may include information such as the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, time spent at the website, and the websites visited just before and just after our website. Cookies can remember what information a user accesses on one web page to simplify subsequent interactions with that website by the same user or to use the information to streamline the user’s transactions on related web pages.

You can delete cookie files from your own hard drive at any time by clicking on the Privacy or History tab typically found on the Settings or Options menu in your internet browser.  Please note that deleting cookies may limit access to much of the content and many of the features available on Greynubo Websites. 

3.2. Pixel Tags/Web Beacons

Greynubo may use “pixel tags” (or web beacons”), which are small graphic files that allow us to monitor the use of our Websites.  A pixel tag can collect information such as the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the tag appears; the URL of the page on which the pixel tag appears; the time the page containing the pixel tag was viewed; the browser type and language; the device type; geographic location; and the identification number of any cookie on the computer previously placed by that server.  When corresponding with you via HTML capable email, we or our Third-Party Service Providers may use “format sensing” technology, which allows pixel tags to let us know whether you received and opened our email.

3.3. Analytics Information

Greynubo may use Google Analytics and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting to collect information regarding visitor behavior and visitor demographics on some of our Websites, and to develop website content.  This analytics data is not tied to any Personal Information.  For more information about Google Analytics, please visit

You can opt out of Google’s collection and processing of data generated by your use of the Services by going to

3.4. Interest-Based Advertising

Through our Websites, Greynubo may allow third-party advertising partners to set tracking tools (e.g., cookies) to collect anonymous, non-Personal Information regarding your activities (e.g., your IP address, page(s) visited, time of day).  We may also share such de-identified information we have collected with third-party advertising partners.  These advertising partners may use this information (and similar information collected from other websites) for purposes of delivering targeted advertisements to you when you visit non-Greynubo related websites within their networks. This practice is commonly referred to as “interest-based advertising” or “online behavioral advertising.”

3.5. Mobile Devices

Our mobile applications (“Apps”) may require you to log in to Third-Party Platforms, such as Salesforce or Azure. In addition, Greynubo may provide websites and online resources that are specifically designed to be compatible and used on mobile devices. Greynubo will collect certain information that your mobile device sends when you use such websites or online resources, like a device identifier, user settings and the operating system of your device.

Mobile versions of Greynubo’ website may require that users log in with an account.  In such cases, information about use of each mobile version of the website may be associated with user accounts.  In addition, Greynubo may enable Individuals to download an application, widget or other tool that can be used on mobile or other computing devices.  Some of these tools may store information on mobile or other devices.  These tools may transmit Personal Information to Greynubo to enable you to access user accounts and to enable Greynubo to track use of these tools.  Some of these tools may enable users to email reports and other information from the tool.  Greynubo may use personal or non-identifiable information transmitted to us to enhance these tools, to develop new tools, for quality improvement and as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy or in other notices we provide.

3.6. Anonymous and Aggregated Information<

Greynubo may use your Personal Information and other information about you to create anonymized and aggregated information, such as de-identified demographic information, de-identified location information, information about the computer or device from which you access the Greynubo Website or other online services, or other analyses we create. Anonymized and aggregated information is used for a variety of functions, including the measurement of visitors’ interest in and use of various portions or features of the Websites.  Anonymized or aggregated information is not Personal Information, and Greynubo may use such information in a number of ways, including research, internal analysis, analytics and any other legally permissible purposes.  We may share this information within Greynubo and with third parties for our or their purposes in an anonymized or aggregated form that is designed to prevent anyone from identifying you.

4. How to Opt Out

You have the right to opt out of certain uses and disclosures by Greynubo of your Personal Information, as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Please note that if you are a client of one of our customers and would no longer like to be contacted by an Greynubo customer that uses our Service, please contact the customer that you interact with directly.  Please also note that while you have the right to access personal data that we store, Greynubo has no direct relationship with the individuals whose Personal Information it processes on behalf of our customers. An individual who seeks to access, correct, amend, or delete data should direct their request to the Greynubo customer.

4.1. General

Where you have consented to Greynubo’ processing of your Personal Information, you may withdraw that consent at any time and opt out by following the instructions in this Section.  Additionally, before we use Personal Information for any new purpose not originally authorized by you, we will provide information regarding the new purpose and give you the opportunity to opt out.

Before disclosing sensitive data to a third party or processing sensitive data for a purpose other than its original purpose or the purpose authorized by you, Greynubo will endeavor to obtain your explicit consent (opt-in).  If your consent is otherwise required by law or contract for us to process your Personal Information, Greynubo will comply with the law or contract.

4.2. Website Communications

You have the opportunity to opt out of receiving further communications from us at the time you complete the registration form on our website. Alternatively, if you initially decide to receive information from us but at a later date wish to remove your information from our database, you can do so by emailing us on info@greynubo.comemailin

4.3. Email and Telephone Communications

An “Unsubscribe” button will be provided at the top or bottom of each non-transactional email communication sent by Greynubo so that you can opt out.  However, we may continue to send transaction-related emails regarding Services you have requested in response to such request. We may need to send you certain communications regarding our Services and you will not be able to opt out of those communications – e.g., communications regarding updates to our Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy.

We maintain telephone “do not call” lists and “do not mail” lists as mandated by law.  We process requests to be placed on do not mail, do not phone and do not contact lists within 60 days after receipt, or such shorter time as may be required by law.

4.4. Human Resources Data<

With regard to Personal Information that Greynubo receives in connection with the employment relationship, Greynubo will use such Personal Information only for employment-related purposes as more fully described above.  If Greynubo intends to use this Personal Information for any other purpose, we will provide you with an opportunity to opt-out of such uses.

4.5. “Do Not Track”

Do Not Track (“DNT”) is a privacy preference that users can set in certain web browsers.  DNT is a way for users to inform websites and services that they do not want certain information about their webpage visits collected over time and across websites or online services.  Greynubo does not recognize or respond to browser-initiated DNT signals.  For information about “do-not-track”, visit

4.6. Advertising Choices

Interest-based advertising is advertising that tries to make the ads you see more interesting and relevant to you based on the types of sites you visit online and other information that does not personally identify you. Advertisements on third-party websites that contain the AdChoices link and link to this Privacy Policy may have been directed to you based on anonymous, non-Personal Information collected by advertising partners over time and across websites.  These advertisements provide a mechanism to opt out of the advertising partners’ use of this information for interest-based advertising purposes.

You can opt out of the collection and use of your information for interest-based advertising by going to or to limit collection through the Websites or by configuring the settings on your mobile device to limit ad tracking through the mobile applications.

Even if you opt out, we may still collect and use non-Personal Information regarding your activities on our Websites and/or information from the advertisements on Third-Party websites for non-interest-based advertising purposes, such as to determine the effectiveness of the advertisements.

5. Onward Transfer

5.1. Information We Share

Greynubo does not sell or otherwise disclose Personal Information about you, except as described in this Privacy Policy or as you explicitly consent.  Greynubo endeavors to require third parties to which it discloses Personal Information to use substantially similar standards to those we use to protect Personal Information, and to notify Greynubo if they make a determination they can no longer meet this obligation.

5.2. Service Providers

Greynubo may share Personal Information with our service providers that we have retained to perform services on our behalf including (i) provision of IT and related services; (ii) provision of information and services you have requested; (iii) payment processing; and (iv) customer service activities. Payment information will be used and shared only to effectuate your order and may be stored by a service provider for purposes of future orders.

Greynubo has executed appropriate contracts with the service providers that prohibit them from using or sharing your personal information except as necessary to perform the contracted services on our behalf or to comply with applicable legal requirements.

5.3. Business Partners

Greynubo may share Personal Information with our business partners, and affiliates for our and our affiliates’ internal business purposes or to provide you with a product or service that you have requested. Greynubo may also provide Personal Information to business partners with whom we may jointly offer products or services, or whose products or services we believe may be of interest to you.  In such cases, our business partner’s name will appear, along with Greynubo’.  Greynubo requires our affiliates and business partners to agree in writing to maintain the confidentiality and security of Personal Information they maintain on our behalf and not to use it for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was provided.

5.4. Information Disclosed for Our Protection and the Protection of Others

We may disclose information about you: (i) if we are required to do so by law, court order or legal process; (ii) in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements; (iii) under the discovery process in litigation; (iv) to enforce Greynubo policies or contracts; (v) to collect amounts owed to Greynubo; (vi) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation or prosecution of suspected or actual illegal activity; or (vii) if we, in good faith, believe that disclosure is otherwise necessary or advisable.

Sometimes, we may review server logs for security purposes– e.g., to detect unauthorized activity on the Websites.  In such cases, server log data containing IP addresses and other information may be shared with law enforcement bodies in order that they may identify users in connection with their investigation of the unauthorized activities.

5.5. Information Disclosed in Connection with Business Transactions

We reserve the right to disclose or transfer any information we have about you in the event of a merger, acquisition, financing due diligence, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, sale of company assets, or transition of service to another provider. Should such an event occur, Greynubo will endeavor to direct the transferee to use Personal Information in a manner that is consistent with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such Personal Information was collected

6. Data Transfers

6.1 General

All Personal Information sent or collected via or by Greynubo may be stored anywhere in the world, including but not limited to, in the United States, in the cloud, our servers, the servers of our affiliates or the servers of our service providers.  Your Personal Information may be accessible to law enforcement or other authorities pursuant to a lawful request.  By providing information to Greynubo, you consent to the storage of your Personal Information in these locations.

7. Rights of Access, Rectification, Erasure and Restriction

You may seek confirmation regarding whether Greynubo is processing Personal Information about you, request access to Personal Information, and ask that we correct, amend or delete your Personal Information where it is inaccurate.  Where otherwise permitted by applicable law, you may use any of the methods set out in this Privacy Policy to request access to, receive (port), restrict processing, seek rectification or request erasure of your Personal Information.  Such requests will be processed in line with local laws.

Although Greynubo makes good faith efforts to provide Individuals with access to their Personal Information, there may be circumstances in which Greynubo is unable to do so, including but not limited to: where the information contains legal privilege, would compromise others’ privacy or other legitimate rights, where the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to the Individual’s privacy in the case in question or where it is commercially proprietary. If Greynubo determines that access should be restricted in any particular instance, we will explain why and provide a contact point for any further inquiries.  To protect your privacy, Greynubo will take commercially reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access to or making any changes to your Personal Information.

8. Retention

Greynubo retains the Personal Information we receive as described in this Privacy Policy for as long as you use our Websites or as necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) for which it was collected, provide Services, resolve disputes, establish legal defenses, conduct audits, pursue legitimate business purposes, enforce our agreements and comply with applicable laws.

9. Security

The security of all Personal Information provided to Greynubo is important to us, and Greynubo takes reasonable steps designed to protect your Personal Information.  Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or storage of information can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.  Thus, while Greynubo strives to protect your Personal Information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to Greynubo, and you do so at your own risk. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your own passwords. If you have reason to believe that your passwords or Personal Information is no longer secure, please promptly notify us at

10. Redress/Compliance and Accountability

You have the ability to correct or change any information which you have previously provided by contacting us. You may change this information at any time and as often as necessary.

If, after reviewing this Privacy Policy, you would like to submit a request or you have any questions or privacy concerns, please contact. Greynubo will address your concerns and attempt to resolve any privacy issues in a timely manner.

If you are an EU or Swiss citizen and feel that Greynubo is not abiding by the terms of this Privacy Policy, please contact Greynubo at the contact information provided above. If any request remains unresolved, you may contact the national data protection authority for your EU Member State.

11.Other Rights and Important Information

11.1. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Greynubo and the Services endeavor to be compliant with all applicable GDPR regulations and if you are a Customer, and upon request, Greynubo will agree to execute a Data Processing Addendum describing the processing of Personal Information.

11.2. Information Regarding Children

Due to the nature of Greynubo’ business, services and benefits are not marketed to minors.  Greynubo does not knowingly solicit or collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13 (and in certain jurisdictions under the age of 16). Greynubo may, however, collect Personal Information about children who are beneficiaries of Employees in the context of Human Resources Data. If we learn that we have collected Personal Information from a child under the age of 13 (and in certain jurisdictions under the age of 16) outside of the Human Resources Data context, we will promptly delete that information.

11.4. Links to Third-Party Websites

Please note that our Websites may contain links to other websites for your convenience and information.  Greynubo does not control third-party websites or their privacy practices, which may differ from those set out in this Privacy Policy.  Greynubo does not endorse or make any representations about third-party websites.  Any Personal Information you choose to give to unrelated third parties is not covered by this Privacy Policy.  Greynubo encourages you to review the privacy policy of any company or website before submitting your Personal Information.  Some third parties may choose to share their users’ Personal Information with Greynubo; that sharing is governed by that company’s privacy policy, not this Privacy Policy.

11.5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Greynubo may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.  If there are any material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by email or as otherwise required by applicable law.  We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy periodically to be informed regarding how Greynubo is using and protecting your information and to be aware of any policy changes.  Your continued relationship with us after the posting or notice of any amended Privacy Policy shall constitute your agreement to be bound by any such changes.  Any changes to this Privacy Policy take effect immediately after being posted or otherwise provided by us.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, the practices of our website, or your dealings with us, please contact the Greynubo at

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